A multidisciplinary team consisted of practitioners, former HR managers, psychologists, anthropologists, trainers and coaches, we are all committed to support you in the step key to Talent Management. We deploy our engineering at all the company’s levels (from top management to local managers) and with different services (production, commercial management, sales management, HR ...).

  • Each team member has proven competencies in companies from different sectors : banking, HR consulting, B to B service companies, with an average of 15 years of experience for each of them.
  • Our intervention areas are also rich thanks to the amount of meetings made to discover our customers business cultures : banking, industrial, service, international groups, SMEs / SMIs…
  • We dispose of the necessary certifications for Process Communication© practitioner coaches, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Assessfirst, personality inventory, MBTI©, Synergologie©.
  • According to the requirements required by the practice of coaching, we continually enrich our skills panel through the good practices of group exchanges, new approaches to train and thanks to a supervised process with peers.

With our expertise and the recognition of this expertise, we will render you a real added value in:

Organisational Development

  • Change management
  • HR Strategy
  • Oral communication, non-verbalcommunication
  • Sourcing and Recruitment

Commitment and Motivation

  • Company Anthropology
  • Behavioral Development

Performance Management and Leadership Development

  • Individual or group coaching
  • Personality Inventory (MBTI©, Synergologie©, Process Communication©, PNL, AT, AssessFirst)
  • Engineering and animation training

Management Compensation

  • Organizational Management
  • Management of wage policy

Career Management

  • Individual or collective Outplacement
  • Support in mergers / acquisitions
  • Skills assessment

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Our references in Talent Management:

Références Talent Management

Références Talent Management

Références Talent Management

Références Talent Management