Starting a project does not require reinventing the wheel at every step.
If experienced consultants already have their own documents model, it is often quite difficult for a junior consultant (or just a person propelled temporary project responsible in a company) to advance without committing any mistakes ... As a project is a set of ordered activities (planning) that must be prepared (documentation) and managed (periodic reports).

A project according to the PMBOK standard is…
Project management

Which is translated on the project's life time by…
Projet selon le standard PMBOK

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You will find in the table below, links to other websites with simple models, tools or just basic advice.
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Assessment Link Comment Language
1. Overview
**** ISO 10006 ISO 10006 :2005
"Quality management systems - Guidelines for project quality management".
This standard comes from Prince2 methodology and has the advantage of being pretty easy.
Update : 06/07/2009
** Wikipedia Thesaurus Wikipedia to be explored
Update : 06/05/2009
**** Prince2 Official website of the Prince2 method.
Contains a certain number of models ... in English.
Update : 06/05/2009
2. Starting process
*** Qualitystreet Structure of a project plan in French
Update : 06/05/2009
3. Planning
*** Functional
Technical, functional and very comprehensive specification model.
Only for small and medium projects.
Proper planning necessarily requires the prior establishment of technical specifications.
Update : 06/06/2009
*** Sourceforge The Open Source software of reference for your project planning, equivalent of MS-Project.
Update : 06/06/2009
*** Instructions
This spreadsheet ables to follow the total workload of an individual who would intervene on
several projects. It aims to anticipate problems of activity overload that would have a
definite impact on the dates of deliverables.
Update : 05/20/2010
4.Realization process
*** Lomag-man Model of technical specifications, precursor to technical developments or to a tender (third party software).
Update : 06/07/2009
5. Control process
**** ISO 25000 ISO 25000: 2005 and ISO 25001: 2007 SQUARE (Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation)
on the quality of IT developments
Update : 07/06/2009


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