To accompany our development and to recruit the right people, we have developed since 2010, pointed PROFILING application and competence in VERIFICATION skills.
These skills are made available for our customers.

What for?
Various studies carried out in France and in the United States showed that the CV falsification rate is around 53%.

Some figures :
A man lies on average 6 times per day, against 3 times a day for a woman. (1)

A man will overestimate his past performances of nearly 30%, against 15% for a woman. (2)

  • 20% of candidates falsify their CV and / or diplomas (3)
  • 11% of candidates have submitted a CV mentioning a degree that they have not obtained. (3)
  • 11% of candidates have submitted a CV resuming embellished professional activities or activities they have not done (improving their position in the firm, inventing firms, falsified dates, ...) (3)
  • 2% of candidates have submitted a CV resuming invented professional career and studies. (3)
  • 75% of commercials, 52% of managers and 36% of technicians and engineers lie on their CV. (3)
  • 53% of resumes are falsified. (4)
  • 70% of students will lie to get their first job. (4)

And concerning recruiters:

  • 6 seconds : average time spent by CV at reception (keep / reject). (5)
  • 67% of French recruiters admit they don't verify the validity of the candidate’s career. (3)


1 www. (USA), 2011 survey (amounts converted in EUR)

2 www. (USA) - unreferenced

3 Le Figaro (France), edition of 04.18.2013

4 The Society of Human Resource Managers, Survey 07/2012

5 La Libre Entreprise (Belgium), edition of 26/05/2012


Context of our intervention
We act downstream of the traditional recruitment process : you have to determine your needs, write your job description, publish ads and select your first Cvs.
At this stage we offer the following services:

  • Personality Tests
  • Reference Checks
  • Diploma and degree verifications

→ Personality Test
This test belongs to the same family as MBTI© or DiSC© and has been specially adapted to Computing and Organization Advice worlds (or to internal functions related: technical analysts, project manager, developers etc.)
This test has no systemic value and does not able to compare two candidate's qualifications, nor to define whether a person is a good or bad candidate for a particular post. The goal is to gobeyond the "mask" and determine the qualities (or weaknesses) of a candidate in an easy environment or under stress.

After a manual counting of each test, and the validation of the test results by the candidate, you will receive a summary.

The entire process is carried out on an average of 5 days, depending essentially on the reactivity of the candidate to validate his profile elements.

→ Reference verification
Each candidate submitted to reference verification should be able to provide a referent's contact to prove of the last five years of experience presented on his or her resume.

The interview with the referent lasts about 30 minutes and addresses all the issues concerning the activity, the personality and the function of the candidate.

This interview can be done in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

The restoration will take the form of a report written in French. The entire process usually takes less than two weeks, and depends heavily on the actual availability of referents.

→ Diploma verifications
If you doubt of the relevance of a document or ifthe applicant cannot find one, we can verify the diplomas, the certifications, the securities listed on the candidate's resume.

The public or private organizations that we have referenced able us to validate the documents related to the information given by the candidate.

The restoration process of this information will heavily depend on the response time of the contacted institutions.

As part of our Talent Management activities, we are at your disposal to present to you our services such as executive coaching or management, audit recruitment related processes or periodic performance assessments, or Human Resources functions structural audit.

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